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The 3-IN-ONE® brand is focused on making it easy for people to solve their maintenance problems—and has been since 1894.

3-IN-ONE® is famous for how long it's been around... it's been solving problems & making people smile since 1884.

And that's why the WD-40 Company officially acquired the 3-IN-ONE® Oil business in 1995 and has been innovating ever since to produce the best product with the best delivery systems around.

WD40 in 1894


George W. Cole, a resident of Asbury Park, New Jersey, compounds a mixture to accomplish three things in connection with the care and maintenance of a bicycle. These are: a lubricant, a rust preventive and a cleaner. The formula results in the famous 3-IN-ONE® Oil that accomplishes three separate things with one application.

WD40 in 1899


The product proves to be an immediate success and the little business grows to such proportions that the company, G.W. Cole, is incorporated under the laws of the state of New Jersey.

WD40 in 1905-1910


The corporate charter is amended and the name of the company is changed from G.W. Cole to 3-IN-ONE Oil Company. Green glass bottles having the name 3-IN-ONE in raised letters and a cork stopper are sold. Circa 1910 metal screw-top caps make their appearance, while the rest of the bottle remains the same.

WD40 in 1933


The capital stock of 3-IN-ONE Oil Company is acquired by Drug Incorporated, which later dissolves. At that time, the 3-IN-ONE Oil Company becomes part of Sterling Products Inc.

WD40 in 1936


A.S. Boyle Company, a subsidiary of American Home Products Corporation, purchases the brand from Sterling Products Inc. It is merchandised in small tin cans.

WD40 in 1994


To celebrate the product's centennial, this year's packaging design incorporates a black banner at the top front of the can, reading "100 Years - Hundreds of Uses."

WD40 in 1995


WD-40 Company officially acquires the worldwide 3-IN-ONE® Oil business from Reckitt & Coleman Plc., worldwide manufacturer and marketer of household, toiletry, pharmaceutical and food products.

WD40 in 1999


A new delivery system, the Telescoping Spout, is added to the product line. Reminiscent of an old-time oilcan, the plastic bottle comes with a five-inch extendable spout designed to get at hard-to-reach places.

WD40 in 2003


The 3-IN-ONE® Professional line is introduced – – a line of high-performance specialty products essential for the home, factory and shop.

WD40 in 2004


Four new high-performance specialty formulas are added to the popular 3-IN-ONE Professional line.

WD40 in 2007


The Garage Door Lube is added to the 3-IN-ONE® Professional line bringing the total line to nine formulas.

WD40 in 2012


The 3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil with Marksman Spout, with its new ergonomically shaped bottle, on and off twist tip and product fill indicator, is introduced to help trade professionals deliver oil precisely where it's needed — and nowhere else.

WD40 in 2015


Another handy solution is born, 3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube, which penetrates and loosens locks.

WD40 in 2017


RV Maintenance is made easy with the new 3-IN-ONE® RVcare Slide-Out Silicone Lube and the Window & Track Dry Lube. These products are specifically formulated to keep slide-outs, windows, and doors running smoothly- restoring calm to the campsite.

3 in 1 multi purpose oil

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