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October 31, 2006

3-IN-ONE, the world’s “lube leader,” is making the task of selecting the most effective products for home improvement and on-the-job projects easier.

“Whether you are working in a workshop, garage, tool shed, home or job site, choosing the correct product from the wide array of specialty products on the market can be a daunting task,” said Tim Lesmeister, director of marketing for WD-40 Company. “We want people to know it can be easier with a little education on what types of products are most effective for each use.”

In business for more than 100 years, 3-IN-ONE’s complete line of products, all featuring state-of-the-art formulas and providing extraordinary quality, fill just about any need. The following tips from 3-IN-ONE will make projects easier for the “doers” of the world.

  • Spray or drip lubricants - Use these on equipment that is frequently used, and need to be protected against everyday wear and tear, such as pruning shears, garage door tracks and drill presses.
  • Dry lubricants - Use these on products like bike chains, sporting equipment, strollers and car doors to keep them in good working order. Unlike wet lubricants, dry lubricants spray on wet and dry in seconds so they will not collect dirt and dust.
  • Penetrant sprays - These petroleum-based products work quickly to loosen rusted or stuck nuts and bolts, pipes, fittings, locks, chains, tools, lawnmower blades and more. When traditional tools won’t do the trick, try a penetrant spray.
  • Silicone spray lubricants - These quick-drying, no-mess, synthetic formulas resist high temperatures, are effective in wet environments, and do not leave oily residue or attract dust. Use them on vinyl doors and window guides, wooden drawer tracks, table saw surfaces, spark plug wires, and fan belts.
  • Lithium greases - These non-drip, heavy-duty lubricants are long lasting and water- and heat-resistant, and are best uses on items such as internal and external gears, wheel bearings, power window lift mechanisms, automobile doors, and trunk latches.
  • Cleaner/degreasers - These unique formulas rapidly attack and dissolve grease for fast and easy clean-up. Use them to remove axle grease, engine dust and grime; clean and maintain lawnmowers, chainsaws and power equipment; and prevent build-up on items like gears, chains, pulleys, forklifts and industrial machinery.
  • Engine starters and conditioners - For a stubborn engine that won’t start, these products work magic. Use them on gas and diesel engines on lawn and riding mowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, outboard motors and more.

    For more information on 3-IN-ONE’s complete line of products, visit www.wd40.com.
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