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3-IN-ONE® Oil Appeals to Sports Enthusiasts Across Generations

April 1, 2001

Generation Xers and their elder counterparts may have different tastes in music, food and clothes, but they do agree on one product that hasn't changed since it was invented over a century ago: 3-IN-ONE Oil .

The compound in the familiar little drip can continues to be used by all generations of Americans to lubricate, clean, and prevent rust in countless applications.

3-IN-ONE's newest design, the Telescoping Spout, features a modern adaptation of a nostalgic design. Reminiscent of an old-time oil can, the plastic bottle comes with a five-inch extendable spout designed to get at hard-to-reach places.

3-IN-ONE Oil is one of the only common products whose formula hasn't been tampered with and has never been "new and improved." It was created in 1894 by Asbury Park, N.J. resident George W. Cole as a result of an experiment to find a maintenance product for his bicycle—the primary mode of transportation at that time.

Now, decades after Cole's experiment, the American-made product is still being used for protection and maintenance of bicycles, as well as on bearings and screws, and parts on rollerblades, skateboards, razor scooters and other sporting equipment.

Cyclists use 3-IN-ONE Oil to lubricate chains, brakes and squeaky seats. In-line skaters and skateboarders not only use it to lubricate wheel bearings but to protect their equipment from rust and corrosion for smooth yet extreme performance. 3-IN-ONE Oil is also excellent in the home, garage, garden and workshop for many applications including sewing machines, power tools, camping equipment and leather goods.

Needless to say, with all of the technological advances and short-lived fads, not many products can boast such longevity, and not many have had so much success. It just proves that as the times change, consumers' desire for quality remains constant. And they've got it in 3-IN-ONE Oil.

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