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3-IN-ONE® Oil Helps Maintain Skate Wheels

April 1, 2001

With the emergence of extreme sports as a bona-fide competition, skateboarding and in-line skating are producing modern day heroes like Tony Hawk and Arlo Eisenberg, who continue to give new sizzle and appeal to an American past-time nearly two generations old, and still growing.

So it comes as no surprise that skateboards and in-line skates have become a must-have for many kids today. But sturdy decks and proper-fitting blades are only part of the equation.

Proper lubrication of the bearings and wheels of your favorite board, blades or skates using the correct type of lubricant will allow for a more enjoyable ride by requiring less effort to get—and keep—the skates rolling. Consistent lubrication also means better spin, creating more speed, something important to many youngsters on wheels.

According to the 1999 Transworld Skate Magazine Buyer’s Guide, lubricating wheels on a consistent basis promotes high performance and is beneficial to the upkeep of the equipment. Transworld says that the more consistently wheels are lubricated (with the proper drip lubricant solution) the more likely they are to operate properly, providing a safer and more enjoyable ride.

When metal bearings rub against one another, friction and heat can slow you down or give you a rough ride. Two or three drops of a precision-drip product, like 3-IN-ONE

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