3-IN-ONE® Dry to Touch Dry Lube

Kick corrosion to the curb with this fast-drying, long-lasting dry lube.

Product Details

3-IN-ONE® Dry Lube provides superior lubrication and long-lasting corrosion protection without leaving an oily residue. It penetrates quickly and lubricates to reduce wear, friction, and corrosion on your blades, bits, rollers, and more. This dry lubricant dries almost instantly to prevent sawdust, dirt, and grit from sticking, and comes with a Marksman Twist Spout for easy and precise application. 3-IN-ONE® Dry Lube is safe to use on metal, wood, and most plastic surfaces. By keeping your tools and equipment in working order, you won’t have to replace them as often, and can get back to getting the job done.

Use For

  • Keeping blades, bits, rollers, and other tools and equipment clean and running smoothly through dusty or debris-creating projects
*Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories, 2013

UPC# 0 79567 12002 5

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    Lubricates and protects against corrosion better than leading competitors*

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    Long-lasting dry lubricant

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    Reduces friction and wear

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    Dries in seconds to prevent sawdust, dirt, and grit from sticking

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    Protects from corrosion

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    Safe to use on metal, wood, and most plastics

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    Precision twist-tip ensures precise application and prevents leaking

UPC# 0 79567 12002 5

3-IN-ONE® in action

3-IN-ONE® RVcare® Slide-Out Silicone Lube extends the life of your slide-outs by maintaining smooth, quiet operation. See how easy it is to apply, and how quickly it works.

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3 in 1 multi purpose oil

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