3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube

Loosen up with this premium lock lubricant, designed to unstick any lock you can’t get open.

Product Details

3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube is an aerosol formula that penetrates quickly and deeply to dissolve build-up and lubricate lock mechanisms. It leaves a clear, dry, long-lasting, corrosion-protecting film that won’t attract dirt or create a mess. Graphite-free, 3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube is ideal for automotive, marine, home, and commercial locks and padlocks, and is safe to use on metal, wood, and most plastic surfaces (except clear polycarbonate and polystyrene). With the attachable straw, you can easily reach into any narrow lock mechanism, and with the wider spray pattern, you can refurbish and protect the entire lock. Now, you can quickly and easily unstuck any lock—and prevent it from sticking again.

Use For

  • Cleaning, lubricating, and protecting all types of home, auto, and commercial locks

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    Penetrates quickly and deeply to clean and loosen stuck locks

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    No-mess formula is graphite-free, clear, quick-dry formula won’t build up in lock

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    Smooths and quiets the operation of locks

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    Long-lasting corrosion protection

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    Safe to use on metal, wood, and most plastics

UPC# 0 79567 12007 0

3-IN-ONE® in action

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3 in 1 multi purpose oil

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