3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose PTFE Lubricant

Perform under pressure with this PTFE lubricant designed for all your heavy-load tools and equipment.

Product Details

3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose PTFE Lubricant reduces friction and wear on axels, chains, hinges, and more, and can maintain its lubricating properties at extreme pressures and high temperatures. This long-lasting PTFE lubricant is safe for both metals and plastics (except polycarbonate and polystyrene), and comes with a built-in Marksman Twist Spout, making it easy and quick to get a precise application—without all the hassle or mess. With the 3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose PTFE Lubricant, you have a professional-grade solution for extending the life of all types of heavy-load and pressure tools and equipment.

Use For

  • Lubricating heavy-load and pressure tools and equipment

UPC# 0 79567 12003 2

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    Reduces friction and wear

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    Excellent for heavy loads

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    Protects and extends tool life

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    Works in extreme temperatures of -50°F to 500°F

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    Precise application with locking Marksman Spout

UPC# 0 79567 12003 2

3-IN-ONE® in action

3-IN-ONE® RVcare® Slide-Out Silicone Lube extends the life of your slide-outs by maintaining smooth, quiet operation. See how easy it is to apply, and how quickly it works.

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3 in 1 multi purpose oil

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