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3-IN-ONE is the perfect complement to your can of WD-40 to help you get tough jobs done right. 3-IN-ONE shares many of the same uses as WD-40, but gives you even more confidence to precisely apply the oil by using its no-mess drip spout. Below is a short list of the many jobs that 3-IN-ONE has helped thousands of professional tradesmen quickly, efficiently and masterfully accomplish:

Multi-Purpose 3oz Sm
  • Lubricate hinges to keep them from squeaking
  • Loosen rusted nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Lubricate stuck locks
  • Prevent rust and corrosion
  • Extend the life of hand and power tools
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Maintain and lubricate garage door parts
  • Keep drill bits and saw blades cool
  • Lubricate wheel bearings
  • Clean and lubricate trailer hitches
  • Lubricate fan bearings
  • Restore garden shears and snips

How do I use the new 3-IN-ONE® Professional Garage Door Lube?

Use 3-IN-ONE® Garage Door Lube to help maintain the operation of your residential or commercial garage door system. Regular application of 3-IN-ONE® Professional Garage Door Lube to hinges, door tracks, chains, pulleys, and latches prevents rusting, corrosion, sticking and squeaking. The product also dries quickly without leaving a messy residue and minimizes dust accumulation.

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What is the difference between 3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose and Motor Oils?


3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil is a precision lubricating oil for a variety of uses from lubricating moving parts to preventing rust.

3-IN-ONE® Motor Oil is a special blend of high grade oils equivalent to SAE 20. The Standard American Equivalent (SAE) is 17. It is also ideal for lubricating moving parts of electrical motors.

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The uses of 3-IN-ONE® described on this Web site were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of 3-IN-ONE® by WD-40 Company. These uses, including the "Use of the Day," have not been tested by WD-40 Company. Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using 3-IN-ONE®. Always follow the instructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the
3-IN-ONE® packaging.

3-IN-ONE Use of the Day


3-IN-ONE lubricates pivot points on derailleurs and brakes.

Tradesman, Become a Marksman

The 3-IN-ONE® Marksman Spout delivers oil precisely where it's needed - and nowhere else.

Marksman Spout

3-IN-ONE® Original

Precise application solutions to treat your tools and equipment.

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