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3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil - Plumber Testimonial from the 2014 National Craft Championships

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Watch Chad - who works in the plumbing industry - discuss why he uses 3-IN-ONE® and why he likes the new Telescoping Marksman Spout product. The Telescoping Marksman Spout comes in handy when precise control is required because it has an extra 6 inches of flexibility, easily fits into hard-to-reach places and delivers oil precisely where it's needed - and nowhere else. While it still holds the same trusted 3-IN-ONE® formula, the new ergonomically shaped bottle is easier to use and its on-and-off twist tip will help you avoid unwanted spilling.

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3-IN-ONE® Oil Lineup from the National Hardware Show: By The Weekend Handyman
3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil - Testimonial from the 2014 National Craft Championships
3-IN-ONE® Garage Door Lube - OFFICIAL Demonstration

Dr. Ernie Bernarducci, VP Research and Development at WD-40 Company, demonstrates how to use 3-IN-ONE® Garage Door lube to keep your garage door's components in tip-top shape.

Pro Garage Door Lube with Smart Straw

Use 3-IN-ONE® Garage Door Lube to help maintain the operation of residential or commercial garage door systems.

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Since 1894...

Now that's a long-lasting oil. Follow the history of how 3-IN-ONE® Oil was born.

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